Plant Supports

Steel Plant Supports

We are a proud producer of hand made British solid steel plant supports and have been helping create beautiful gardens for over 35 years. Our solid steel plant supports help prevent your taller plants from drooping and offer protection against strong winds, oh and they look fantastic too!
Our metal products generally come in one of two finishes. Long-lasting polymer coating or ready-to-rust finish. Both look great in traditional and contemporary settings and come in a range of sizes.

For helping your plants develop, there's no better support than a gap garden product solid steel plant support. Tie them with grips or plant ties and create simple and ornate displays.


Bell Cloche Plant Cage

  • £27.49

Border Support - 20" x 10" x 10" (Pack of 4)

  • £14.99

Border Support - 20" x 15" x 10" (Pack of 4)

  • £17.99

Border Support - 34" x 10" x 10" (Pack of 4)

  • £17.99

Border Support - 34" x 15" x 10" (Pack of 4)

  • £20.49

Grow through ring - 12" + 18" legs (Pack of 4)

  • £29.99

Grow through ring - 16" + 24" legs (Pack of 4)

  • £34.99

Grow through ring - 20" + 30" legs (Pack of 4)

  • £41.99

Grow through ring - 25" + 30" legs (Pack of 4)

  • £45.99

Grow through ring - 30" + 36" legs (Pack of 4)

  • £54.99

Single Stem Supports

  • £3.49

Straight Border Support - Large (Pack of 4)

  • £24.99

Straight Border Support - Medium (Pack of 4)

  • £21.99

Straight Border Support - Small (Pack of 4)

  • £18.99

A great alternative to bamboo supports

Perfect to support growing plants in your borders and for training those climbing roses around a seating area, add in our solid steel supports available in a range of shapes and sizes.

Ideally plant supports need putting in place before new growth gets too advanced. Leaving it too late will mean you'll often end up fighting to fit the supports around your overgrown plants that may have already started to climb and become entangled in other structures.Tall perennials appreciate support frames to prevent them from blowing over when they reach full size. Individual Stems of Delphiniums and other tall plants can be also supported using our traditional loop supports which can be applied with ease.

Part of creating a great garden is adding in elements that attract attention, catch the eye of whoever walks around them and allows your plants to grow at different levels to create depth and variety. Sweet Peas, clematis and Morning Glory are great examples of climbers which all look good when grown up an obelisk or tower. Vertical colour adds height and interest to your garden, and good supports will prevent those peonies from flopping and keep your borders in shape.

Our metal supports are a great replacement for bamboo canes and won't rot or snap, giving you a sturdy, reliable support to your plants.