Garden Arches

Handcrafted metal garden arches

Garden arches are indispensable in the garden, acting as gateways, focal points and supports for climbing roses, clematis, wisterias and other ornamental vines.


Arches really do provide your garden with an added extra that a lot of gardens are lacking, a solid steel garden arch is a simple way to add dimension to your garden and with our amazing range of handcrafted garden arches at your disposal you will not need to look any further for the perfect structure.


All of our garden structures are hand made in our own factory in Northamptonshire, from top quality solid steel and handcrafted using very high specification solid wrought iron materials.  

Traditional Arch

  • £295.99

Buckingham Arch

  • £214.99

Oregon Arch

  • £147.99

Arcadia Arch

  • £135.99

Buckingham Wall Fix Arch

  • £151.99

Monet Arch

  • £147.99

Gothic Arch

  • £260.99

Ogee Arch

  • £283.99

Ogee Bower

  • £485.00

Gothic Tunnel

  • £599.99

6 Sided Traditional Gazebo

  • £1,853.99

Round Tunnel

  • £859.99

Round Arch Gazebo

  • £699.99

4, 5, or 6 Sided Ogee Gazebo

  • £617.99

4 Sided Buckingham Gazebo

  • £431.99

Round Arch

  • £389.99

Garden Archways

These are often found in the older type of garden where much of the property is enclosed or divided by walls. Entry into the various parts of the garden is through archways built into these walls. Often the feature is enhanced by a wrought-iron gate, or where privacy or shelter from wind is required, a solid door is used. Archways can be formed if hedges are trained and trimmed regularly to form a living arch over a path. Another method is to use a formed metal garden arch over which plants are trained.

Garden archways may be used to good purpose in the modern garden. They provide an excellent means of supporting suitable trailing or climbing plants, and several garden arches may be used in the construction of a covered way or walk along a path.


Gothic Arches & Tunnels

The Gothic arches we offer are constructed from 13mm solid steel bar, giving strength and stability without detracting from its elegant design. Coated in durable polyester powder over iron phosphate primer making them durable in any weather and designed to stand the test of time. These are delivered ready for use with minimal construction required - just 6 stainless steel nuts and bolts.

The gothic tunnel was launched at the Chelsea Flower Show 15 years ago and has become one of our most talked about products, featured in many magazines, newspapers and in gardening displays. It comes in a standard length of 6 feet, but our modular design means you can increase the length using our expansion packs to suit every sized garden. 

Garden arches are indispensable in the garden as gateways, focal points and supports for climbing roses, clematis and other ornamental vines. Bowers and gazebos add interest and practicality to any garden. Along with the arches, they add height and look magnificent as a divider or entrance to smaller areas. They can be fitted directly into the soil and are easy to assemble. For an extra wow factor, why not consider our circular arch/tunnel? It's constructed from solid bar so no need for construction, and creates a frame around a smaller potted plant or creates a foliage-covered cave area when positioned up against a wall. The largest and heaviest of our garden arches is the Imperial. It's manufactured from 13mm round solid steel bar giving strength and stability in a product that won't bend under weight as the surrounding climbers grow amongst the beautifully crafted bars.