Planters & Pot Stands

Steel Garden Planters

Rustic and regal, these ornate steel planters look great hanging or freestanding in smaller gardens where space is limited or to compliment walled areas and patios. Hand made in the UK, they're a popular choice for outdoor balconies, holiday homes and garden lovers alike! 

Plant Pot Stands

These medium-duty pot stands are able to withstand quite a weight and look beautiful on patio areas, small balconies and even indoors. Finished with a dark wood stain and crafted from our high grade steel they're the perfect way to display your smaller potted flowers or a great way for lesser abled garden-lovers to still maintain their prized booms. Choose from a standard step-design to a corner stand which look great against a bare brick wall. Add some trellis behind and hide a pot with climber to give it a green backdrop.

Regal 600 Planter

  • £79.99

Regal 750 Planter

  • £89.99

Regal Swing Planter

  • £104.99

2 Tier Corner Pot Stand

  • £104.99

2 Tier Straight Pot Stand

  • £104.99

3 Tier Corner Pot Stand

  • £119.99

3 Tier Plant Pot Stand

  • £119.99

Regent Wall Trellis

  • £52.49

Single Gothic Panel

  • £64.49

Double Gothic Panel

  • £82.99

Triple Gothic Panel

  • £91.99

Triple Slope Gothic Panel

  • £91.99

Triple Centre Point Gothic Panel

  • £91.99