Garden Art

Garden Art from Gap Garden Products

Our Garden Art products are the perfect way to add a decorative touch to your garden. You can add them to your lawn or your flowers beds to add a unique focal point. They’re made from solid steel and they are bare metal and rusty for that rustic look.

All of our garden art collection is made in the UK in our factory in Northamptonshire.

Set of 3 Birds

  • £24.99

Woodpecker Plant Pin

  • £11.49

Novelty Flamingo

  • £29.99

Novelty Worm

  • £15.99

Novelty Snail

  • £19.99

Decorative Cow Parsley

  • £12.99

Decorative Clematis

  • £12.99

Novelty Heron

  • £29.99

Decorative Dandelion

  • £12.99