Obelisks and Tuteurs

Metal garden obelisk and tuteurs

Our hand crafted metal garden Obelisks and Tuteurs come in a range of styles to suit all garden types.  All of our Obelisks and Tuteurs have been designed and made by hand at our factory in Northamptonshire.  They have all been made from high quality steel and finished to an exceptionally high standard.   

Our large range of Tuteurs and Obelisks are well suited to all climbers and taller plants and have been designed to be easily located throughout your garden. 

Classic Obelisk (Various Sizes)

  • £69.99

Cleo Obelisk (Various Sizes)

  • £40.99

Gothic Obelisk (Various Sizes)

  • £76.99

Hampton Obelisk (Various Sizes)

  • £40.99

Single Stem Tuteur

  • £71.99