Boot Racks

Steel Boot Racks from Gap Garden Products

For anyone working out in the mud, in construction, farming or in stables these are a popular choice for cleaning and storing outdoor wellies and boots. Keep your work boots outside without them filling up with rain or becoming a temporary home to your local wildlife. Create areas near your work or home entrance to keep the outdoors firmly outside. There are a wide range of options here from storing a single pair, to a whole family's boots, with brushes attached for quick cleans and scrapers for those really thick chunks of soil that just don't want to leave!


Victorian Boot Scrapers

These have been a popular choice of gift for young farmers, horse riders and country homes where muddy boots are an everyday essential. Based on the victorian boot scraper that you often see beside the entrance to many 19th Century homes, they are a unique way of keeping your outdoor footwear clump-free of mud and stored to prevent rainfall filling up your wellingtons.

Two Pair Boot Centre

  • £59.99

Individual Boot Centre

  • £49.99

Two Pair Custom Feature Boot Rack (various designs)

  • £39.99

Four Pair Carousel Boot Rack

  • £43.49

Wall Mounted Boot Rack

  • £39.99

Two Pair Boot Rack

  • £34.49

Umbrella & 4 Pair Boot Rack

  • £54.99

Five Pair Boot Rack

  • £49.99

Four Pair Round Boot Rack

  • £42.99

Four Pair Boot Rack (Long)

  • £42.99

Family Boot Rack

  • £49.99