Why wind rockers are such a great addition to your garden

Summer is officially here, which means we’ll be spending more time than ever outdoors. Our backyards offer the perfect escape from everyday life, with the improvements made to our outdoor spaces able to extend your living space and give you even more room to enjoy all the perks of this beautiful season.

Here at Gap Garden Products, we specialise in delivering the garden supplies and accessories our customers need to transform gardens big and small. Our wind rockers are a popular part of our collection. Read on to discover why wind rockers are such great additions to your garden, and an easy accessory to add to spruce up your outdoor space this summer.


What is a wind rocker?

A wind rocker offers the chance to upgrade the look and feel of your garden space. Your garden should after all be as uniquely decorated as your home, and with countless designs to choose from you can make sure your garden really looks the part.

A wind rocker – often referred to as a ‘wind spinner’ - uses a balanced design that’s staked into the ground. Once the wind catches its discs or balls, the rocker spins creating a mesmerising display for all to enjoy.


Why should I add a wind rocker to my garden?

Wind rockers are great additions to gardens of all shapes, sizes and styles. They’re also very affordable, meaning you can enhance your garden’s appearance without breaking the bank.

Wind rockers are available in a selection of unique designs, so you’re certain to find a wind rocker that suits your garden space and personal style. For traditional gardens in particular, wind rockers add plenty of character and charm, creating an interesting, eye catching display that looks great during summer and every season after.


Where can I find a good quality wind rocker?

You don’t have to look too far to find a uniquely designed, built to last wind rocker for your garden. We create and stock countless designs to ensure you can find a wind rocker that suits your space, style and budget.

Our wind rockers provide exceptional quality. They’re made and designed right here in the UK using solid steel, whilst an 8mm solid pole ensures a stunning garden feature that’ll be with you for years to come.

Our wind rockers also sport a bare metal, ready to rust finish, meaning the design will only look better with age!

Browse our selection of British made, British quality wind rockers right here and make your garden the fabulous space it should be this summer.