Why is a steel garden arch better than a wooden one?

Spring is here, which means many of us will be eager to get outdoors and enjoy the improving weather. The garden is a great place to appreciate all that nature has to offer a little closer to home, especially during spring.

Making your garden the beautiful place it should be is an excellent way to spend the season. There are tons of garden accessories out there that will make your green space a worthy extension of the home, but nothing beats the elegance and impact of a garden arch.

A well-placed garden arch has the power to divide a garden into separate zones or alternatively, bring a disjointed garden together. It can add height to flat garden schemes as well as provide a home for those stunning climbing plants. Garden arches can also be used to screen off less aesthetically pleasing garden essentials such as bins, water butts and washing lines.

There are countless garden arch designs to choose from to unlock the benefits mentioned above in your own backyard. The question is - should you opt for a steel garden arch or a wooden one?


A great choice for modern and traditional settings

Wooden garden arches are often billed as the best fits for traditional settings, yet steel designs are excellent options for all garden styles. The timeless nature of steel will make the garden arch a standout piece in both modern and traditional garden designs.

Urban gardens will benefit from more contemporary, simplistic arch designs, whilst the ornate detailing of other steel garden arches can be perfectly placed in traditional gardens.


Sturdy steel arches age better and last longer

Unlike wood, which can soften and rot over time without the right upkeep, steel actually looks better with age. The solid steel used to construct our garden arches has been handmade, handcrafted and coated to ensure its sturdy and durable whatever the great British weather brings. Steel garden arches also require very minimal maintenance, especially in comparison with wooden arches.

Looking for that timeless ready to rust look? We also provide our steel garden arches in bare, ready to rust metal for those wanting a more ornate look for their outdoor space.


No need to concrete during installation

Steel garden arches are easier to install than wooden varieties. Wooden garden arches, no matter how heavy, need to be secured with fence post concrete to a minimum depth of 30cm. Steel arches are less messy to install, with ground spikes able to be used when installing on soft ground, and bolts used on hard ground.

Transform your garden in an instant this spring by shopping our handcrafted steel garden arches today.