Where should you locate your steel garden arch in your garden?

With summer in full swing, we’re spending more time than ever in the great outdoors, and the fun all begins in our very own gardens. Whether you have a small space to play with, a generously sized backyard, or a sprawling estate, making it work for you and your family as an entertaining space is certain to be high on your list of priorities, even as summer draws to a close.

Accessorising your garden is a great way to enhance any sized garden space, and do we have the accessory for you! A steel garden arch is a fantastic addition and a feature that’ll keep on giving all year round and for many seasons to come.

Here we take a closer look at the benefits of adding a steel garden arch to your outdoor space as well as offer our advice on finding the perfect position for your latest garden addition.


The benefits of a garden arch

A garden arch can add a real wow factor to your garden. Whether you have a modern or traditional setting, a garden arch can create a focal point that won’t be missed by visitors and is certain to be enjoyed by every member of your household.

Garden arches also add height to outdoor spaces and increase the growing area of your garden. Garden arches can be used to grow a huge variety of plants, including roses, clematis, jasmine, honeysuckle, passion flower, sweet pea, and morning glory. They add privacy to overlooked gardens too as well as provide a shaded retreat that’s perfect for keeping cool in the warmer months.

Selecting a steel garden arch over a more traditional, wooden alternative is recommended. With a steel garden arch, you can enjoy a great look for the long haul with very little maintenance.


Positioning your steel garden arch

Our steel garden arches come in a range of different sizes and designs, which means you can get creative when positioning them in your garden space. Over pathways is a natural place for a steel garden arch, and this location ensures gardens can be separated to create specific zones.

Steel garden arches can also be used to frame another garden feature or to create a grand garden entrance. Garden arches add interest to borders and decorate plainer parts of the garden, such as blank fences and unattractive walls.


Our tips for buying a steel garden arch

Those looking to purchase a steel garden arch have certainly come to the right place. Our steel garden arches are of the highest quality. They’ve been handcrafted to perfection to ensure a lasting look wherever they’re positioned.

You’ll find a stunning selection of steel garden arches to choose from. Browse our steel garden arches today for all the inspiration you need.