When is the best time to use plant supports and how important are they in the garden?

Whether you’re an avid gardener or are just discovering your green fingers, there’s certain to be a few gardening essentials that you just can’t be without when tending your outdoor space. Along with the usual garden tools and equipment, plant supports are great investments, particularly at this time of year when the weather is at its worst.

Here our experts provide an essential guide to plant supports, exploring their benefits, uses and how to buy plant supports that will stand the test of time.


What are the benefits of plant supports?

Those completely new to gardening may be unfamiliar with plant supports and their uses. As the name suggests, a plant support is a handy tool used to support a selection of plant species, including fruit and vegetable varieties.

The great British weather is unpredictable at the best of times, but with the help of good quality plant supports you can give your garden the best possible defence against harsh weather conditions like heavy rain and strong winds.

Some plant supports are also very aesthetically pleasing, meaning you can enhance the look of your outdoor space as well as unlock many practical benefits.


Where can plant supports be used?

Whilst plant supports can be used throughout the garden, they’re particularly beneficial for border plants. When used in borders, plant supports actively protect your lawn from drooping foliage, which can block light and subsequently affect turf growth.

If you grow your own fruit and vegetables, plant supports will certainly come in handy in your veggie patch too. They provide support for growing vegetable and fruit plants to prevent them from breaking or falling over due to wind, rain and overloading. This keeps plants healthier and stronger as broken and damaged stems attract pests and disease.

Good quality supports also keep fruit away from the ground to minimise rotting, damage and insect attack. Whatever you’re growing, plant supports provide a sturdy framework for easy maintenance and harvest.


When should I use plant supports?

Plant supports can be used all year round to prevent damage to all types of plant life. There are most commonly used and seen as most effective early in the season due to the heavy rain and strong winds experienced in most UK gardens.


How can I buy the best quality plant supports?

Plant supports are available in a variety of materials and designs, but we recommend avoiding lower quality plastic and aluminium products.

Our plant supports are hand made using solid British steel to ensure long term protection against the elements as well as a fantastic look for any garden. They’re also available in two finishes – long lasting polymer and ready to rust - to ensure you can create that desired traditional or contemporary look.

Shop our range of plant supports to keep your garden healthy, beautiful and fully protected all year round.