What is an obelisk?

When preparing your garden for the summer and transforming your outdoor space into the entertaining or relaxing place it should be, it’s all about those accessories. After the hard work of maintenance, planting and pruning has been done, adding the right accessories can make all the difference to that final look and feel.

Our garden obelisks are among our bestselling accessories, and for good reason. Read on to discover more about this statement garden addition and how it can be used within your outdoor space to enhance its aesthetics in the most marvellous way.


What exactly is an obelisk?

Garden obelisks take inspiration from the traditional obelisks used as monuments or landmarks throughout history. Instead of being made from solid, tapered stone however, garden obelisks use a tubular design to provide hollow, towering, attractive structures for garden spaces big and small.


Why should I add an obelisk to my garden?

There are many reasons why adding an obelisk to your garden is a great idea. As well as its ability to add beauty, elegance and grandeur to any garden space, it can be used as an impressive plant support that draws the eye and provides magnificent displays of seasonal foliage all year round.

Obelisks are great bases for a multitude of climbing plants, including roses, clematis, honeysuckle, and even climbing fruit and vegetable varieties.


How can an obelisk be used?

Obelisks can be utilised widely in the modern day garden, with both contemporary and traditional schemes suitably complemented by their beauty. They can add height to borders, interest to fence panels, and a pop of colour to patio and decked areas when used in conjunction with planters.

The timeless nature of the garden obelisk also means investing in an obelisk now will serve your garden well long into the future.


Any tips for choosing an obelisk?

When selecting an obelisk that you can enjoy for the long haul, quality certainly matters. Our obelisks sport a strong tubular and flat bar construction made from durable metal in either a ready to rust or antique black polyester finish. This ensures a beautiful garden accessory that can be adored for years to come.

Our obelisks are also available in a selection of sizes to guarantee a great finish for every garden regardless of its shape, size or style.

Shop our garden obelisks today and find the stunning accessory your garden is missing just in time for summer.