What is an obelisk and where in your garden could you use them?

With this gorgeous hot weather we've been having we’re spending more time in our gardens. For most people, their own private space is their first stop, and with the garden being an extension of the home during the summer months, making it look and feel as welcoming as possible is a mission many are on at the minute.

Here at Gap Garden Products, we provide the decorative gardening accessories you need to transform your green space. Our obelisks are a popular part of our range, but what exactly is an obelisk, how can it benefit your garden, and where should you use them? Read on to discover our essential guide to the beautiful obelisk.


Introducing the obelisk

Garden obelisks have been a popular part of landscape design for as long as we can remember. In fact, this popular garden product is thought to originate in Ancient Egypt, with much larger obelisks forming the civilisation’s great pyramids. Obelisks big and small were constructed for the Egyptian sun god, with the design itself symbolising the rays of the sun.

Obelisks generally have a 4-sided design, which meets at a point to create a monument, just like a taller, thinner pyramid. As well as being popular in Ancient Egypt, the design was a triumph throughout Europe with both the Romans and the French adoring the obelisk. Large obelisk monuments can still be seen in villages, towns and cities around the world today.


The benefits of using obelisks

These days obelisks are less symbols of worship and more attractive garden structures. They’re used for aesthetic purposes but also have a practical part to play in gardens of all sizes and styles.

Obelisks can be used to define the design of modern and traditional gardens. Many individuals and professional landscapers use obelisks to create separate zones without using fences.

Obelisks are also excellent supports for climbing plants, meaning you can get green fingered with a touch of vertical gardening this summer. Obelisks are available in a plethora of designs, so you’re sure to find a style that complements your garden.


Placing and using an obelisk in your garden

Obelisks can be used throughout the garden. They’re particularly impressive when used as decorative structures on smaller patios and in big, busy garden borders.

Larger, more elaborate designs can also be used as seating areas to ensure a spectacular finish. They’re great for creating texture and colour in unused corners of the garden, especially when adorned with beautiful climbing plants.

Enjoy an obelisk in your own garden by shopping with us today.