What are wind spinners?

With spring officially here and the weather gearing up to make way for a fantastic summer, the garden is certainly where the heart is during the warmer months. With this in mind, many of us will be spending time sprucing up our outdoor spaces in preparation for those long summer days and exciting garden parties.

While your planting and hard landscaping projects will take up much of your time during the weeks and months ahead, your choice of accessories will make or break your garden scheme. Often it is the little touches that make the biggest difference in gardens of all shapes, sizes and styles. Those looking for the garden accessories that will finish their outdoor spaces to perfection need look no further than our collection of high quality garden products.

Our wind spinners are among our bestsellers, and for good reason. Here we share our guide to wind spinners, from the basics and benefits to buying the right wind spinner for your garden space.


What is a wind spinner?

Also referred to as wind rockers, wind spinners are beautiful and characterful additions to any garden, a fact that makes them a vital aspect of garden design and decoration. Traditionally, wind spinners had a more practical purpose; they were used to identify wind direction.

Consisting of a solid pole that’s easily staked into soft ground, wind spinners and rockers are topped with a unique focal point, which sits at the centre of two balanced balls or weights. 


How can a wind spinner enhance your garden?

Featuring a range of delightful, geometric and aerodynamic shapes, our wind spinners are designed to enhance the garden in the simplest and most mesmerising way.

Easy to install and able to gracefully spin, tilt and turn to follow the wind, spinners are well known for their aesthetic appeal and therapeutic benefits. Wind spinners are a joy to watch on those windier days when using your garden isn’t always practical. They also provide an elegant display during more pleasant conditions, dancing softly in those spring and summer breezes.


Why buy a wind spinner from us?

There are countless wind spinners of varying sizes, shapes and styles on the market, but those looking for a decorative feature that will stand the test of time should shop with us. Our wind spinners and rockers are custom made, custom designed and handcrafted from the highest quality steel. They’re also made in the UK and available in a wide range of finishes.

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