What are wind rockers and where in your garden could you use them?

With the weather warming, many of us are spending most of our spare time in the great outdoors. A little closer to home, our gardens provide the perfect sanctuaries to enjoy the very best of these seasons. With this, most will be improving and upgrading to create a great entertaining space to spend those warm summer days and pleasant evenings.

Adding charm and character will be on many people’s to-do lists in the weeks ahead, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend tons of time or money achieving a coveted alfresco look. Here at Gap Garden Products, we supply a wide range of garden accessories and features to help you achieve just that. Our wind rockers are great additions to any garden, here we explain why with our essential guide.


What are wind rockers?

Wind rockers are garden ornaments which come in countless unique designs. They’re generally staked into the ground, and use a balanced arrangement with balls at either end to create the rocking mechanism this garden accessory is known and loved for.

Once the wind catches these balls, the ornament spins, bounces and rocks creating an eye-catching, interesting garden addition.


Why use a wind rocker?

Wind rockers are fantastic features in gardens of all sizes and styles. Their rustic designs enhance the character of traditionally designed garden spaces. Whilst the same design can inject some much needed charm into sparser, simplistic modern garden schemes. Wind rockers look great in any part of the garden, and can even be used on patios and balconies.

Like the weathervane, wind rockers can give onlookers vital clues to the weather conditions outside before they step out of the comfort of their own home. They are however predominantly used for aesthetic purposes.


How can I find a great wind rocker?

There are so many beautiful wind rockers available, most of which can be found right here at Gap Garden Products.

Our wind rockers are available in a range of interesting designs. They’re made from solid steel and with a sturdy 8mm solid pole so you can enjoy your wind rocker for years to come. Each of our wind rocker designs sports a stunning bare metal, ready to rust finish that only looks better with age. They’re also British designed, British made and British quality.

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