What are grow through rings?

When caring for and cultivating an outdoor space that you can be proud of, the right support matters. Plant supports come in all shapes, sizes and styles, with ring-style supports, border supports, curved link stakes, bell cloche cages, half castles, stem supports, and more traditional stakes and poles, just some of the designs that can be explored.

The grow through ring is another support that can give your plant life a helping hand from this season to the next. Read on to discover more about grow through rings, how you can use them successfully in your garden, and when is the ideal time to integrate grow through rings into your space.

What are grow through rings?

As the name suggests, grow through rings allow plants to grow through the structure to ensure the ultimate form of support. As a result, they are popularly used when supporting the biggest and heaviest blooms.

Peonies and larger varieties benefit from this particular design, with the heads able to be held up high and individually supported thanks to the sturdy grid. Herbaceous plants, such as delphiniums and heleniums, will also find great support via a grow through ring.

The use of a grow through ring makes maintaining clumps of flowers easy too, with foliage able to be shaped as it is supported for an elegant, beautiful display at every stage.

How should I use grow through rings?

The grow through ring consists of a wire mesh ring (available in various sizes) and a system of fixed or removable legs. Thanks to the removable leg feature, the design can be used to support a wider range of plants, with the adjustable height option effectively growing with your plant to ensure long term care.

When should I add grow through rings to my garden?

Grow through rings can be integrated into your garden at any time of the year. Adding to young plants however is preferable. Early use will ensure that plants can be raised to grow through the grid.

Over time, the grow through ring will become virtually invisible with your thriving foliage completely covering the grid and concealing its legs.

What do I need to consider when buying grow through rings?

You don’t have to search too far to find high quality grow through rings that you can rely on. Our collection of plant supports features grow through rings of various sizes, from 12 to 30 inch diameter. The leg size of our grow through rings can also be customised. 

We have additional grow through designs to choose from too, including our single mesh rings with fixed legs and small or medium simple rings. Like all our plant supports, our grow through rings are crafted in the UK, extremely durable and made to last.

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