Plant supports and your dahlias

Dahlias are truly stunning additions to any garden. Despite their reputation, they are in fact rather simple to grow, and yield beautiful blooms from summer right through to autumn so you can enjoy a wow factor and riot of colour in your own outdoor space.

When growing your dahlias however, you need the right supplies to produce and care for the eye-catching displays they are known and loved for.


Why plant support matters

With most dahlia varieties reaching 1 metre in height – tree dahlias can actually grow up to 5 metres tall – dahlias need adequate support throughout their growing season to ensure the very best show year after year.

All dahlia varieties - apart from dwarf dahlias - require support. Dahlias grow extremely fast and produce exceedingly large heads; without support, you risk the entire plant drooping and becoming damaged.


Planting your supports 

Your plant supports should be put into place as soon as you’ve planted your tubers outdoors. Dahlias are very top heavy and become heavier still after rain. When growing smaller flowering dahlias in a container stake all four corners and loop twine around the outside to box your dahlias in. New growths around the outer edge should be tied to your plant supports every two to three weeks.

For border planting, use supports throughout to ensure your fast growing dahlias can be secured as they grow. Larger dahlia varieties should have one plant support per stem to prop up their multi-petalled head.

Enhance the beauty of your dahlias further with regular deadheading and feeding. Feed border grown dahlias once a fortnight between early July and September, and every week for those growing in containers.


Choosing your supports

When buying plant supports for your dahlias, they have to be strong. We’ve been crafting plant supports from British solid steel for more than 35 years. Our handmade products provide vital support for taller and top heavy plant varieties like dahlias, with even harsh wind not able to topple our supports.

Available in smooth polymer for a long-lasting finish or a rustic, ready-to-rust look, our plant supports are ideal for traditional and contemporary garden spaces. In addition to offering practical support for your developing or fully grown dahlias, they also look great with a range of classic or characterful designs to choose from.

Find the support you need for your dahlias this summer by shopping our plant supports today.