Hanging basket brackets – the perfect gift for Christmas?

If you’re looking to buy a great gift for that special, green-fingered person in your life, keeping things simple and practical is the key to success, and things don’t get more practical than a hanging basket bracket!

Hanging basket brackets are excellent investments for so many reasons. Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, you’ll want to read our guide to hanging basket brackets.


The beauty of the hanging basket

Hanging baskets have long been used to decorate gardens big and small. Whether planting for summer or winter interest, a hanging basket display adds valuable colour to any outdoor space, including small areas like balconies, courtyards and patios.

The fact that hanging baskets take your floral displays off the ground often means healthier arrangements with fewer pests and less soil issues too. For older gardeners, hanging baskets are easier to manage with their elevated positions making them simpler to plant, thin and weed.


The gift that keeps on giving

A hanging basket bracket really is a gift that keeps on giving.  Brackets can be used to hang baskets at any time of the year. Summer hanging baskets filled with creeping Jenny, fuchsia, germaniums, lobelia and petunia are beautiful to admire and easy to care for. Whilst crocus, ivy, primula, viola, winter pansies and winter-flowering heathers provide delightful pops of foliage during the cooler seasons.

Hanging basket brackets can also be used to house evergreen plants for a display that lasts all year long. Sage, trailing ivy and gaultheria are all excellent choices for those looking to plant for year-round interest.


Spruce up every space

When finding a home for your hanging basket brackets and suspended displays, the possibilities are endless. Hanging basket brackets can be positioned on fences and walls to add colour to drab garden fixtures. They can also be hung around windows and doors to ensure a warm welcome as well as a great vantage point to admire local wildlife.


Shopping for your hanging basket brackets

You don’t have to search too far for hanging basket brackets that are built to last. Our collection of hanging basket brackets provides quirky, custom made, durable designs that can take pride of place in your, or your loved one’s, garden for years to come.

From the classic bull dog bracket to unique designs featuring horses, owls, stags, fairies and dragons, our range offers something for everyone.