Getting your garden winter ready

With winter just around the corner, now is the time to make the most of the milder weather and get out in the garden.

There are a number of tasks you can work your way through now to make garden maintenance more of a breeze in the New Year. By getting your garden winter ready, you also get to enjoy your outdoor space for even longer, but where do you even begin? Read on to discover our top tips to prepare your garden for winter.

Keep it clean

Autumn is a period of much seasonal change, and you’ll have a lot to clean up as a result in your garden.

Falling leaves can be a real bug bear for gardeners, and whether your plot is generously sized or not, removing dead leaves, decaying foliage, diseased plants and other debris is a must. Ponds should also be netted during autumn and winter to keep debris out of the water.

By keeping your space clean and clear, you’ll be able to make way for new growth and healthier blooms in springtime.

Shelter tender varieties

The plant life left behind after your winter clear out needs your support at this time of year in particular. Tender perennial plants, such as fuchsias, need to be protected from harsher winter weather conditions. Pot up using our planters and pot stands, and move into more sheltered positions.

Support your plant life

Garden borders need a little help to stay ship shape during the winter months. Caring for border plants now will mean bigger, better and more vibrant displays next spring.

Trim faded plants, use steel plant supports to help them stay in great condition even in heavy wind and rain, and treat borders to a layer of compost or manure to provide the nutrients they need to not just survive but thrive.

Celebrate your space

With the right accessories, you don’t have to say “goodbye” to your garden until spring. You can still use your garden during the cooler months, and we have all you need to make it fully useable and accessible.

Our boot care collection for example means muddy footwear can be kept clean and your home can stay tidy even if you’re using your garden. Our garden braziers and log baskets also mean a warm welcome for you, your family and your guests when entertaining outdoors this season.

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