Getting your garden autumn ready

Summer may be almost over, but autumn represents an exciting time in the gardening calendar. What you do in your garden during autumn can have a lasting impact, helping to protect that precious plant life throughout the long, cold winter and bring it back to its blooming best come summer.

As a leading provider of garden supplies and gifts, we have everything you need to take care of your garden from season to season. So, what should be on your to-do list for autumn?


Rethink fallen leaves

Collecting and disposing of fallen leaves is a constant battle from late summer right through to winter. Start collecting leaves now to keep on top of this task all season long. Instead of heading to your garden waste bin to rid yourself of fallen foliage, use them to your advantage.

Whilst your lawn should remain largely leaf free, you can take a different approach to your borders. Fallen leaves are excellent insulators against damaging frost and cold spells. Before the cooler weather arrives, start spreading the leaves you collect across your borders to add a layer of all-natural protection.


Do your research

Different plants need different care to stay in tip top condition, especially as we transition from summer to autumn. Whilst some varieties can withstand the temperature drops synonymous with the season, others need a little help.

Research the plant varieties that your garden calls home to see what the best course of action is for autumn and winter. You may need to leave them be, prune them or repot and bring them indoors.


Strip out those annuals

Most annual plants finish flowering as summer comes to an end so be sure to spend the close of the season removing annual foliage that is past its prime.


Get planting

Autumn is a great time to start planting, and with your annuals removed, you’ll have some room to experiment with new varieties. Chrysanthemums, violas and winter heather are all great, hardy additions to autumn gardens.


Make your own compost

Got a few too many leaves left over after protecting your borders? Don’t fill up your garden bin, get creative by making your own compost.

A rich, fertile compost is very easy to make. Simply rake up your leaves when wet or damp, put them in bin bags, add a sprinkling of chalk or ground eggshells, press down, empty into a wire basket and let nature take its course. By this time next year, you’ll have the most nutritious compost!

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