Garden Arch in your Garden

5 reasons a garden arch will suit your garden perfectly

Beautiful gardens benefit from beautiful accessories, and what could be more attractive than an ornamental arch?


Whatever the size of your garden, an arch will add interest and height, as well as giving you garden a whole new sense of perspective.


Easy-to-install garden structures are made even more glorious with climbing flowers and plants growing up and over them. Clematis, roses and a whole raft of other plants and flowers can be trained to wind their way around the metal structure.


Still not convinced that an ornamental arch would be perfect for your garden? Here’s five reasons we think garden arches are glorious.

 1. Arches create a natural focal point


Garden arches add structure as well as introducing hints of colour and perfumed notes; they can transform any garden into a beautiful floral haven.


A well covered garden arch becomes the perfect focal point for gardens of all shapes and sizes.  


They are also perfect for creating ornamental “doorways” between two areas, adding a seamless transition from your vegetable patch to your lawn, or your patio area through to your rose garden.

 2. You can choose a look that suits your style


Metal framed garden arches come in a variety of sizes and styles and look fabulous in any garden.


Choose from delicate Victorian style arches with ornate frames, or be bolder with Gothic arches with well-structured peaks, that will really stand out in your garden.


Arches can also be used to add a touch of romance to an otherwise ordinary looking pathway or border. Whether left bare or swathed in climbers, a normal walk through the garden can feel much more magical with the presence of a garden arch.

 3. An arch can be used to create a cosy corner or decorate your external walls


Larger garden arches make the perfect canopy for love seats or bistro tables. Relax with a book under an array of sweet smelling flowers or dine alfresco under a ceiling of blooms.


If you can’t find the perfect spot for a full arch, how about considering a wall fix arch? Attached to the wall of your home or outbuilding, these types of arches can transform bare brick into a floral wonderland.

 4. Break up your fences and hedges with a garden arch


If you’re looking for a more delicate way to fill a gap in a natural hedgerow or your garden fence, arches provide an attractive alternative to trimmed topiaries or wooden gates.


Fully grown box hedges can be trimmed to create the shape of an arch, but you will be forever trying to keep that archway in shape. Metal arches however, can be easily installed and will be just as green and leafy as your climbing plants grow and take shape.

 5. Up your garden arch game with tunnels or gazebos


If a simple garden arch doesn't feel decadent enough for your garden, you could invest in a tunnel style arch instead. With the feel of a gazebo, but the strength of a solid structure, tunnel arches create beautiful focal features for larger gardens.


If you want to go all the way with floral this summer, a metal gazebo structure will transform an empty lawn or bare patio into a thing of beauty. Designed very much with grandeur in mind, these metal style gazebos may take longer to cover with blooms than a single arch, but they create the most amazing centerpiece or shaded area in any garden.


Whatever style or size of metal garden arch you choose, be sure to always buy a quality frame that will withstand the British weather all year round. At Gap Garden Products, our garden arches and gazebos are manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel frames, nuts and bolts. They’re delivered ready for use with minimal construction required and are made to withstand the test of time.