Choosing the right size obelisk

With summer in full swing, individuals everywhere will be looking to add those final flourishes to their outdoor spaces to really make the most of the last weeks of the season. Our great range of garden accessories offers easy wins for those looking to spruce up spaces for garden parties, BBQs, family gatherings or simply quiet afternoons in the sunshine.

Our garden obelisks are a particularly popular part of our collection. Made from the highest quality, premium materials and handcrafted to provide a stunning look for traditional or contemporary spaces, our obelisks are must-haves that you can appreciate not just this season but every season after.

With a selection of sizes available however, shopping for the right obelisk for your garden isn’t always easy. Here we share our top tips for choosing the right size garden obelisk so you can discover the accessory you need to complete your outdoor space.


Why choose an obelisk for your garden?

As well as the obvious, aesthetically pleasing benefits obelisks bring to your green space, this sturdy garden structure plays a very practical role. Obelisks are more than just pretty, they provide essential support to climbing plants and roses.

Their beautiful designs also serve from season to season, adding interest to garden borders and patios even when foliage is sparse during the autumn and winter months.


Which size obelisk should I select?

When shopping for the perfect obelisk for your garden, it helps to know which variety of climbing plant you’ll be growing. As different climbing plants have varying heights and spreads, the size of your obelisk matters.


What should I grow on my obelisk?

Climbing roses are well known for adding height to gardens, and are popular plants for obelisk displays. Some species including the timeless, pale pink ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’ and the intensely fragranced, yellow ‘Gloire de Dijon’ roses reach 4.5 to 5 metres in height. These types of climbing roses will therefore require a taller, sturdier obelisk to provide the support they need to flourish.

If you have less space to play with or have your heart set on a smaller obelisk design, the ‘Alboroseus’ sweet pea climber offers a more manageable 35cm height and spread. Want to go bigger with your obelisk display? Try common honeysuckle for vigorous growth, great height and a dramatic display.

Ready to find the obelisk that’s right for your garden? Shop our range of beautifully designed, handcrafted garden obelisks right here.